The story of the Batwa… in brief

We met Levi today, he is a local Bwindi Ugandan who helps run the Batwa Development Programme. He is much more welcoming that the good christian souls we have met before who work at the BDP. He has a calmness that I recognise from other wise leaders I have met. He reminds me of Khusta Jack or Mercedes Osuna.We aren’t a threat to him. We don’t … Continue reading The story of the Batwa… in brief

The things I’ve missed….

I’ve missed the smells of Uganda: That slightly musty sweet smell. The smell of corn, the smell of eggs frying, the smell of the deep rich soil after a downpour. I’ve missed the emerald green foliage, the rough grasslands, the yellowing acacia trees, the faint bleating of tethered goats. I’ve missed the local shops, tightly packed and strewn across the main road. The painted wicker … Continue reading The things I’ve missed….

“You know African politics, it’s like war”

By this point we had only been in the country for about 3 hours.  Three simultaneous flight arrivals  plus a “shipment” of South Korean UN troops proved to be too much for the immigration personnel at Entebbe International Airport. Nevertheless, an hour long queue, $100, and a couple of dirty looks from a short-tempered government official later we were on our way to Kampala, courtesy … Continue reading “You know African politics, it’s like war”

These boots were made for walking…in the jungle

T minus 3 days and counting to lift off!!!  After 2 whole hours of trying on mountain boots, I’ve finally found some that will survive the jungle and didn’t break my budget. The poor man at Mountain Depot in Chatham Dockside was incredibly patient and fatherly: ¨no you needn’t worry, your feet don’t look ridiculous….plus who gives a shit what your feet look like in … Continue reading These boots were made for walking…in the jungle