Uganda & Rwanda on film, ACTUAL film

My dad bought this camera in Washington D.C. one time he and my mom decided they couldn’t live anymore without visiting the Smithsonian. They packed their bags and came back with this little beauty: a Canon AE-1 program. This camera was meant to travel the world. It was my dad’s travel companion, until I “stole” it 10 years ago to learn photography. It’s a sturdy little … Continue reading Uganda & Rwanda on film, ACTUAL film

Gorillas sans the mist

It was our last morning in Bwindi, and had we left on time we would have missed them. As we were wrapping up our last interview, a family of mountain gorillas overstepped the bounds of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and walked right past our little hut. They are the centre stage attraction in Bwindi and the reason some tourists pay up to $500 a night … Continue reading Gorillas sans the mist

A different type of portrait

Far from the selfie-crazed Kim Kardashians of the world, the people of Bwindi don’t smile for photographs. People stare straight down my lens: no guard or pretense. In Bwindi, people seem less concerned with whether their flabby bits are showing or if the light is hitting them on their “good side”. When they agree to a portrait, they agree to show themselves without filters. No bullshit, no masks. Thanks Bwindi, it’s been brilliant. We hope to be back. Continue reading A different type of portrait

First views of Bwindi

We have been here almost a week and the people of Bwindi have been incredibly welcoming.  Between riding boda bodas in the jungle & eating jackfruit (a big prickly fruit with lovely sticky mango-pineapple-banana tasting yellow flesh) I’ve just had a chance to go through some photos. Enjoy.    A view of the Bwindi fish farming project near the town of Buhoma. The night sky from … Continue reading First views of Bwindi

These boots were made for walking…in the jungle

T minus 3 days and counting to lift off!!!  After 2 whole hours of trying on mountain boots, I’ve finally found some that will survive the jungle and didn’t break my budget. The poor man at Mountain Depot in Chatham Dockside was incredibly patient and fatherly: ¨no you needn’t worry, your feet don’t look ridiculous….plus who gives a shit what your feet look like in … Continue reading These boots were made for walking…in the jungle