Will the Upper Gorilla House live up to its name?

We have taken long walks since arriving at Bwindi – mainly because we can never remember our turning to our house. Our Tarzan-esque abode is a large wooden hut right on the edge of the impenetrable forest. We have an outdoor veranda over looking dense jungle and frequent visitors in the form of bats and an array of bizarre looking creepy crawlies.  We hear enough rustling sounds to keep us paranoid all night.  But there is one visitor we, naively, stupidly, didn’t expect we might have on our door step.  You would think the name of the hut might have given it away.

 This is gorilla territory and apparently sometimes they can nosy right up to the door.  Not what we anticipated.  In all our research before coming here I don’t think we looked up what to do if we were to come face to face with a gorilla. No doubt they would be kept away by our late night Simon and Garfunkel medley sing alongs. But seriously – what to do? I know if you are chased by hippos you are supposed to run in zigzags because they find it hard to turn.  The last time I was in Uganda I very nearly had to put that wisdom into practice. But what’s the best way to handle gorillas?  Submission I guess. I’m frantically trying to remember the film Gorillas in the Mist – what would Sigourney do?  Mind you, her problem wasn’t the gorillas, it was the poachers.  But that’s for another day. 

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